At Head-Royce, we are very clear about exactly what middle schoolers need. They are not overgrown elementary school kids or miniature high schoolers. The mg电子试玩app years constitute a distinctive period of rapid growth and development — intellectually, 身体上的, 在社交和情感上.

这是丹尼·斯库德利, mg电子试玩app校长

Middle schoolers are reaching out into an adult world of ideas and experiences, yet they hang on to the comfortable and familiar. They long for independence, but they still need structure and guidance. They want to develop new relationships and make different kinds of social connections, but they feel more self-conscious than ever before. They are just beginning to find their talents and passions. Teachers at Head-Royce understand middle schoolers and they know how to create an environment where they will grow, thrive and develop self-confidence.



The mg电子试玩app provides a developmentally appropriate sequential program for grades 6 through 8. Our integrated program includes literature, 音乐, 语言, 历史, 数学 and 科学 labs and hands-on arts activities. As they progress through the program, students master the analytical, 解决问题 and writing skills they’ll need to succeed in a rigorous college-prep 上学校 program. The mg电子试玩app experience is all about tackling new academic challenges and navigating through transitions.